Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Candy Shopping!

I don't know about any of you, but I will be going Easter Candy shopping this week. We will have 3 family Easter Egg hunts this weekend. For our first hunt we decorate and dye hard boiled eggs. We all just love this tradition. (I will be back next week with a family favorite dish to use up some of those hard boiled easter eggs!) Our second hunt we all bring enough candy/bubbles/playdoh...whatever for the kids who are hunting, then hide them in bunches so that each person gets the same amount of loot. Our third hunt we stuff candy in the plastic eggs with one special Money Egg for the lucky hunter. By the end of our Easter Weekend we are fully stocked with candy for the next few months!

I wanted to share what is on my list for candy this year! These Jelly Beans are amazing!!! Whoever started changing up the old fashioned jelly beans are awesome. I have never been a fan of the old jelly bean taste, but when starburst and lifesaver came out with jelly beans, I was immediately changed. Now I am in love this year! Sweet Tarts has come out with Jelly Beans and they are Mmmm....good!!! They are so sweet and chewy, and full of the yummy flavor of the sweet tarts candy. They are a great new twist to the Jelly Bean. Give them a try!

These Reese's White Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs were introduced to me by my husband when we got married. These are his favorite. We love the Reese's Eggs, and Trees. They have more peanut butter than chocolate, and that is what we love. The White Chocolate eggs are delicious. Give them a try!

My last one is nothing new...I'm sure all of you love the classic Milk Chocolate Eggs! We just love peanut butter at our house, so the Easter bunny usually leaves us a great assortment of Reese's Eggs! We always have Reese's Eggs lying around for at least the next week! They go really fast!
Happy Easter Candy Shopping!!!

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Monica said...

Mmm...we love the Reese's at our house!